Behavior Guidance

DSC_9071We believe each child is a precious gift and we must provide an atmosphere in which he or she can grow and develop into a happy, well-adjusted child, and productive adult. While your preschooler is a student at The Fairfax Academy he or she will be encouraged to improve morally, intellectually as well as in the area of self-discipline.

Preventative discipline is the main goal of our teachers. Each classroom establishes a caring community. It is a place where children feel at home. Teachers interact and observe children in order to prevent issues from arising. The school utilizes Dr. Becky Bailey’s Loving Guidance Principals for classroom management school wide.

Each classroom establishes their class rules. As part of their social development all children are taught the concepts of taking turns, listening, using manners, respecting each other, and how to make good decisions. When behavioral situations arise, teachers redirect children. Teachers guide children in making good decisions, motivate them by enlisting their help within the class/school community, and help them understand their mistakes when they occur.

The Fairfax Academy DOES NOT use or condone any type of corporal/physical punishment (spanking, hitting, etc.).