Dance classes at The Fairfax Academy include instruction of tap and ballet. Professional dance instructors at each school teach the weekly classes. The classes are open to children starting at the age of two. Dance classes are optional and a monthly fee is assessed for lessons. At the end of each school year an annual dance recital is held. The recital is a full stage production complete with costume.

Participation in the dance program provides the children with an excellent opportunity to develop both small and large motor skills, as well as a sense of body awareness and creativity.

Field Trips

Field trips at The Fairfax Academy are always designed to take into consideration the age and safety of the children, as well as their level of interest and understanding of various off campus activities. Parents are notified in advance through monthly newsletters of upcoming field trips and special events.


Hablas Espanol? Many parents may not speak a second language but children can learn an amazing amount through participation in The Fairfax Academy's Spanish classes. The Spanish program introduces the children to the Spanish language and culture. Children learn basic vocabulary and simple phrases through music, games, art, and other culturally related activities. Classes are open to children starting at the age of two and are held four times during the week. The curriculum progressively gets more challenging as children graduate from year to year. Spanish is an optional program and a weekly tuition fee is assessed for lessons.