Program Overview

The Fairfax Academy's academic curriculum is carefully planned to meet the needs and interests of the very young child. Through play, group participation, and individual activities, each child is able to grow emotionally, socially, intellectually, and physically

Once children reach two years of age they will follow a carefully designed instructional program. It introduces children to visual and auditory discrimination concepts and develops skills in listening and following directions. Additionally, emergent literary concepts are taught at all preschool levels. Fine and gross motor skills are developed through using manipulatives, writing, coloring, art and movement activities, exercise, and outdoor play.

The instructional program also has a mathematics curriculum which provides an introduction to numbers, geometry, and measurement. Science and Social Studies are taught and designed to help children explore and discover the world in which they live.

We encourage parent involvement at The Fairfax Academy. We have an open door policy where parents can visit the school at any time. We encourage participation in field trips, open houses, holiday events, and conference time.

Our school has a full service cafeteria. Children eat breakfast, lunch, and snacks in the cafeteria to promote a sense of community and change of scenery from their classroom.

Two's & Three's

The two year old developmental skills program has a focused agenda which includes instruction geared toward the development of self, interpersonal skills, language development, mathematical patterns, dramatic play, gross and fine motor skills, and social skill development. Teachers work with supporting children as they begin their preschool years. Following directions, expanding speech and vocabulary, expressing imagination, and learning through play are critical components to a successful two year old experience.

The three year old developmental skills program builds on the concepts initially introduced in the two year old curriculum with more emphasis on emergent literacy, math, science, motor skills, language, and socialization skills more proficiently.

Jr. Kindergarten (4's) & Kindergarten (5's)

JR. KINDERGARTEN: Our 4 year old program  builds on the concepts initially introduced in the three year old curriculum with more emphasis on emergent literacy, math, science, motor skills, language, and socialization skills more proficiently.  Language arts introduces children to beginning reading concepts such as top to bottom, left to right, letter orientation, letter formation, comprehension, and letter identification. As part of the math curriculum, children explore numbers, measurement, and geometry. The teachers in their formation of a very comprehensive and multi-faceted Junior Kindergarten program also utilize additional units and activities in Science, Health, Social Studies, and Seasonal events.

KINDERGARTEN: Beginning to Read, Write, and Listen, is a specialized phonics based language arts program which integrates reading, handwriting, auditory and oral language skills for the child. The children learn letter sounds, how to write them and how they combine to form words - eventually learning how to read.

The Kindergarten math curriculum builds on the concepts previously learned in the Junior Kindergarten program and introduces children to addition, subtraction, time and money. In Science, children complete units of study on the areas of life science, earth science, sense, and making healthy choices. These units are specifically designed around a child's environment and provide real world applications.

The Social Studies curriculum focuses on the following themes: Virginia, Our Government, Native American Culture, Passage of Time, Fire Safety, and Community Helpers. These units round out this very challenging and motivational Kindergarten curriculum.



Dance classes at The Fairfax Academy include instruction of tap and ballet. Professional dance instructors teach the weekly classes. The classes are open to children starting at the age of two. Dance classes are optional and a monthly fee is assessed for lessons. At the end of each school year an annual dance recital is held. The recital is a full stage production complete with costume.

Participation in the dance program provides the children with an excellent opportunity to develop both small and large motor skills, as well as a sense of body awareness and creativity.

Field Trips

Field trips at The Fairfax Academy are always designed to take into consideration the age and safety of the children, as well as their level of interest and understanding of various off campus activities. Parents are notified in advance through monthly newsletters of upcoming field trips and special events.


Hablas Espanol? Many parents may not speak a second language but children can learn an amazing amount through participation in The Fairfax Academy's Spanish classes. The Spanish program introduces the children to the Spanish language and culture. Children learn basic vocabulary and simple phrases through music, games, art, and other culturally related activities. Classes are open to children starting at the age of two and are held four times during the week. The curriculum progressively gets more challenging as children graduate from year to year. Spanish is an optional program and a weekly tuition fee is assessed for lessons.

Summer Camp

DSC_9330Everything you always loved about summer is waiting for your child at the Fairfax Academy’s summer program which is in session from mid-June through the end of August. Especially designed with the younger child in mind, the summer program utilizes the school’s air conditioned classrooms, outdoor tents, large playgrounds, and an arts and crafts area to provide an inviting setting for a fun-filled semester.

On campus, children enjoy games, sports, arts and crafts, cookouts, water play m, story times, and a variety of other age appropriate activities. Complimenting these good times are a variety of field trips including bowling, nature hikes, museum trips, putt putt golf, and swimming at nearby pools. All day trips are scheduled for those children who have completed Kindergarten.

To make the summer unique, each year's program has a special theme. "A Story Book Adventure", and "Summer Under the Big Top" have been past favorites. Children complete craft projects, learning and recreational activities which center around the weekly theme.